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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet rich plasma is useful for tendon and ligament injuries as well as in cases of joint inflammation.  This therapy uses the body's own platelets to encourage healing.

There are several advantages to digital ultrasound, but from a horse owners perspective the most important is more consistently detailed images, which means more sensitive disgnoses and more precise information. 

We have three ultrasound machines at SES which allow us to visualize a range of structures in your horse.  From reproduction to tendon and ligament injuries or thoracic and abdominal ultrasound, we can usually procure the needed image to help put your horse on the road to recovery.

Sawtooth Equine has recently purchased a new digital radiography (DR) system!  This system is 100% PORTABLE and WIRELESS. In addition, it provides amazing images!  The diagnostic and communication advantages are impressive. With DR we can manipulate the images, take measurements and quickly take additional views - all leading to more precise diagnoses. The Sound system provides Cloud storage on their secure server so your images will be preserved in a safe manner.  This also allows the images to be easily emailed to you or to other veterinarians.  The wireless (cordless) portability of this system is very useful making radiographs in the field very easy to accomplish.  10% OFF ALL XRAYS IN JUNE 2015!!


We have webcams installed on 2 of our ICU stalls that allow us to monitor our patients around the clock.